Welcome to the world of Cacatuart
A very special kind of journey through many subject areas.



The world of Cacatuart, born in 2011, includes many various personalities, having in common their love for dogs, kids, warmth and security within the tribe.
During their first years of life they used passionately their freedom of opinion and, among other things, drawed attention to their government's corruption, government's incompetence, inhumanity, cruelty, like in the world of humans.

The increase and severity of world's disasters are sometimes too much for these little creatures, who then feel helpless and overwhelmed. At these moments they find solace in their ideal world of watercolour, an oasis filled with images of a still intact world, where they can gather strength before reporting the next injustice. Or announcing the upcoming Christmas. Or depicting a cosy family image.

Here you will find my latest works.