Here you will find some short stories I want to share with you.


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CO2 produzenten

In the Show "The golden CO2" the prize "The golden Chimney" was given to the top CO2 producer (China). Germany, the former climate protection pioneer held a proud 6. position.

CO2 Steuer

In politics several alternatives to controll C02 production are being discussed. The proposed tax on CO2 is strongly disputed. What is the gain for climate from further produced, even when taxed, CO2? We have then elite CO2: "little" people cannot aford the expense of producing CO2.


CO2 Alternativen
The preferred position by CDU's Head Kramp-Karrenbauer could be phrased as "wait and see whilst having a cup of tea", as German say. Under no circumstances the CDU is being too lazy to think. On the contrary: the power of intention and thought generate intelligent methods which are perhaps less costly.For instance, the good old method of "thinking about the possibility of an increased trading of emissions permits". Will this be sufficient?



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Polish opposition demands prime minister Duda to attach to the constitution, wrapping seveal monuments with t-shirts printed with the word "Constitution".

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  • verfassung-kaczynski.jpg
  • verfassung-kopernikus.jpg
  • verfassung-warschauer-seejungfer.jpg



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Superman at the BER airport (Berliner Experience Ruin). A woebegone but nevertheless funny story from 2013: still ongoing… As of September 2015, the roof risks falling down. After two further postponments -2016 and 2019- additional time is required to examine and approve the 466 pages report on electrical power supply safety and lighting, so that the proposed opening in October 2020 is already seen as unrealistic. Even our Superman's legendary patience is beginning to weaken. How long will he have to fly around BER until he can land?
November 2020: Airport BER (Bin ein Retro, I am a retro) has opened its doors at last. However, this information seems to have passed Superman by.

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Here some effects of social network: a real joy – or sort of.

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If it were not for those handicaps on the airways – would life be great.

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Seen at the Berliner district of Wedding – believe it or not.

"If you don't need the paper, would you give me a piece of it to cover myself", says the young guy to the older man.
"It looks like your handbag won't suffice", he says to the lady. "I guess the mister might give me a little piece of his paper", she answers.

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An impression on the extraordinary velocity of the secret services regarding investigation.

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Programme of the candidates for the 2013 presidential elections in Germany. The conservative party offers a happier world (current Premier Minister Ms Merkel); the left wing offers a modernisation of drug politics, tenant protection against extreme capitalism and a fairer wealth distribution.


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Short stories about the German Army and the German Minister of Defence, Ms. Ursula von der Leyen. Changes in top management have peculiarities too.

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German Minister of Defence Ms. Ursula von der Leyen: „winds of change coming from Mom’s drawing room“.

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The latest advertising campaign from the German Army.




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